When I was 12 I went rock climbing at a friend's birthday party. I was so excited to ascend the rocky face that I could barely stand still while the poor attendant was trying to buckle my harness on me. I had images of summiting Mt. Everest as I prepared to jump onto the holds of this 25 foot indoor climbing gym. In my excitement I didn't buckle the harness all the way in. I got 20 feet up the wall when part of the harness slipped off and I was left clinging to the face of a man-made rock wall. I held on as if my life depended on it. I was holding on with every ounce of determination that my 12 year-old self could muster. 

Scripture: "Let us hold steadfastly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10 23

The truth of the Gospel is the greatest truth we could ever receive. Yet sometimes our life doesn't match up to how wildly powerful and true it is. Sometimes we are content to hear the truth but not let it change us; to not let it move us into action. I think that just believing or acting isn't enough. Following Christ takes both action and belief (faith). Because we have faith in Christ we are led to serve the kingdom (action).

What if we held on with open hands to the truth of the gospel like our lives depend on it? Or at least that the eternities of those around us depends on it? What if we let God fill our hearts with Everest-sized visions of the ways God's love could transform our communities? What if we stopped clinging onto the climbing wall like a scared little kid and started living in the knowledge of the freedom that Christ calls us to? That freedom doesn't lead us towards worldly freedoms but rather freedom to: move, love, live, and encounter the Kingdom. The Kingdom-mindedness that God can give me is Everest-sized, on my own the best I could muster is a birthday party rock wall.  

Lately I've been praying that God would give us "open hands." I've been in a place lately where I'm just trying to let God fill me with more of Him and open my hands to let go of more of me. So this is my prayer tonight: for open hands, for courage to hold steadfastly to the hope of God, and for the courage to ask God to fill us with grandiose dreams and passions for the Kingdom. 

Jeremy SchultheissComment