Just Add Water

I am an avid hot chocolate drinker. November is one of my favorite months because as soon as the weather starts cooling off I put my microwave through the paces cooking up as much warm chocolatey goodness as possible. I love that its simple. You add water, heat, and powder. Boom. Done. You wouldn't add your other 10 favorite condiments to it. That would mess up something that is already simple and perfect. 

The thing is, I think sometimes in church we take God and add things of our own flavor. If God's love is what we need, then why do we add more to it? We make it more about us than God sometimes. This reminds me of the Israelites. They were given 10 commandments to follow to be in relationship with God but they weren't content. They split hairs. They added things. 10 commandments turned into 613 laws. They made it more about following themselves than following God.

Christ's death on the cross literally tore the barrier between God and us and made it possible for there to exist relationship between God and humanity on earth. Choose that. Follow that. Don't add your own stuff to it. 

Scripture: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. Your strength comes from God’s grace, not from rules which don’t help those who follow them." Hebrew 13:8-9

There are times where I'm guilty of making other things a bigger deal than God. Or to put it another way, adding things to God to make God what I want. 

This is my prayer tonight: let's let God be God. Let's stop adding things to who we think God is.


Jeremy SchultheissComment