3 Books You Should Read

I haven't done a "top 3" post yet but I get asked for book recommendations every week so decided to pass these on to you! One is a book from my summer reading list, one is a book I've read multiple times to mine the stories, and the third is practically curriculum for our youth ministry philosophy. Don't have a copy? Borrow mine!

1) Almost Christian - Kenda Creasy Dean. a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, opens this absorbing portrait of teenage religiosity by throwing down a gauntlet: the faith of America's teens is "not durable enough to survive long after they graduate from high school. One more thing: we're responsible." Read it. Let it challenge you. Let it change the way you view the Church as well as your own church. 

2) Love Does - Bob Goff. Easily the most entertaining read, Bob seamlessly blends a whimsically joyful attitude with the deepest of scriptural truths to create beautiful stories that he lives into.

3) Sticky Faith Kare E. Powell. Easily the most important book on youth and family ministry ever written. I have 10 copies, seriously come borrow one. Every parent and volunteer in our youth ministry should read this.

Jeremy SchultheissComment