I crave defining seasons. It puts the pretty bow on top of things that I so want and desire. Ultimately, this is a tool to control. Its a tool to be able to compartmentalize and place things in boxes. To say "I've moved on from this phase of my life and I'm good." 

A few weeks ago a friend called this out in me. I squirmed as I tried to explain his logic away. I so wanted to be right. 

Reflecting on that conversation as I've lived normal life the last two weeks I realized more and more that life is such a journey. The journey of following Jesus calls us to shift our collective need and desire to control seasons to a posture of forgiving and praying for God's best for others. 

This isn't an easy shift. It takes patience, bravery, daring courage, and faith.

I'm glad that God does indeed love us with a fierce love. This fierce love gives us the courage and the bravery to keep journeying with the people of God. It transforms places of deep hurt to places of deep healing and reconciliation. It leads to a place of thankfulness for what and where God has directed me. 


Jeremy SchultheissComment