What If

I'm a youngest sibling. There's something in being the youngest of three that plants this innate seed to ask questions. What started as an okay-ness with pestering and badgering my siblings as a child turned into something more as an adult. 

"Are we there yet?" progressively turned into "what if" 

What if we fought for peace, locally and globally? What if we let our prayers be more than a hash tag? What if we took seriously our mandate to preemptively work for peace? What if we considered what it could be like to be participants in the answers to our prayers? We could embrace our role as the people of God. We could be (more) full participants in God's reconciliation and redemption of all things. 

What if we embraced our identity as the church? What if we realized that we need one another? What if we lived responsively within a missional identity? We could be live out the mission of the gospel in ways we've never imagined. As pastors, lawyers, doctors, teachers, or trash collectors - we could be co-conspirators in the vision of the Kingdom of God. 

What if we fully empowered and valued all people in the Church? What if we saw generational differences as areas to grow? What if we accepted and loved with the kind of fierce, bold love that comes from Jesus? We could learn from one another. We could see gaps in ideology as ways for mutual growth - opposed to areas for strained relation. 

I'm encouraged by these questions. They let us dream about the possible. I don't say the possible as some etherial, mythical utopian future. I think that the answers to "what if" questions are very tangible. They are open doors waiting for us to say "yes." 

Follow up: what are your "what ifs?" 

Jeremy SchultheissComment