Home in the Redwood Trees. Laser Tag. Calling.

Often, I hope this blog is challenging for those that read as they hear and engage in what I'm currently thinking about or being challenged by myself. This isn't one of those posts. Writing this feels weirdly nostalgic. 

I love getting to airports early. I really mean it. Despite how type-A I normally am about my schedule there's something about getting to an airport with ample time to buy an over-priced slice of pizza, catch up on email, and lately to blog or unload my thoughts before I get on a plane. Its not that I think those thoughts will disappear as soon as I get to cruising altitude - there's just something about processing thoughts and experiences quickly after they happen that help me see how I really felt in the moment. 

This weekend I went home to Mount Hermon to speak for their Jr High Fall Frenzy. I wasn't born and raised in Mt Hermon but it is more home than anywhere for me (aside from San Diego). I started attending as a camper with my family when I was 2 and have memories from nearly every year of life. I walked through familiar trails on Friday morning before campers arrived. I had goosebumps a few times - and not because my desensitized Southern California-self can't hang. I had goosebumps because I remembered what it feels like to return home. When someone feels at home they get to act fully like their true self. Home feels safe. It was really good to be home. 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was a group of boys that invited me to play laser tag with them on Friday night. This weekend I was reminded of the importance of saying "YES" to playing. There's nothing more exhilarating than throwing on a plastic laser tag headband and pistol and stepping into your God-created role as Bobba Fett. If I squinted just right I could imagine real lasers coming out of my gun. One game of laser tag sparked a friendship that lasted for the weekend with a crew of boys. Its weird to think about the duration of friendships when you know you most likely won't see someone again. I'm excited for who their youth leader is that they get to have dudes like them in their youth group. 

Lastly, this weekend I remembered that I love teaching the Bible. This wasn't something that I had forgotten or lost sight of but it was good to be reminded of it in new ways. I love watching people open their lives up to the possibility of God's grace for them. I love watching the moment that a student decides to listen and engage. It was good to be home. 



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